Competition: Programming lesson of my dreams

We encourage IT students and high school IT students to participate in the “Programming lesson of my dreams” competition organized as an integral part of the event.

Teams of 4-5 students can participate in the competition. The task is to prepare a maximum 10-minute presentation and present it to the participants during the event.

The theme of the presentation should be ideas for making programming lessons more interesting and easier to accept for pupils and students. They may concern, e.g. teaching and assessment forms, ways of motivating to learn, selection of examples for learning, elements diversifying the learning process, or the use of specific teaching tools and techniques.

A jury of teachers and lecturers will select the winners taking into account three criteria: originality of the idea, expected practical effects (i.e. both the possibility of practical application on a larger scale and the expected improvement) and the quality of the presentation. A maximum of three main prizes are foreseen (taking into account all three criteria) and one special prize each awarded to the best team in a given criterion.
Presentations can be prepared and presented in Polish or English. Presentations prepared in English and presented in Polish, as well as bilingual presentations, are all welcome.